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  1. Grey domestic household bins are washed once every 4 weeks ("the Service") or in accordance with the Calendar enclosed herewith.

  2. The price of the Service is £5.00. Additional Charges will apply for any additional services selected as per the over leaf section entitled ‘Additional Services’.

  3.  The minimum contract is 6 months and we will require an upfront payment of £30.00 (i.e. 6 washes) before the service can commence. Payment must be made when signing up to the service.

  4. Once initial payment is made the Service will commence on the next date the bins are due to be washed.

  5. Once the initial payment of £ 30.00 has expired (i.e. after six washes) the contract will continue on a rolling basis. If the Service is no longer required it is the Customer's responsibility to inform the Company (Wheelie Wash) and settle any outstanding account balance. If payment for any outstanding balances are not made within a reasonable time period of 1 month from cancellation a small administration fee may be charged for each reminder. If you fail to inform the Company that the service is no longer required you will be liable for any further charges incurred for any additional washes.

  6. if a bin in unavailable or re-filled more than twice within a 12 month period than a charge will be to the equivalent of one wash (£5.00).

  7. All queries and/or complaints must be made to the company within 7 days of the wash in question. Failure to do so may result in no remedial actions being taken.

  8. Any unpaid cheques returned from the bank will carry an additional charge of £10.00.

  9. We reserve the right to refuse the Service if your bin contains hazardous materials including, but not limited to, dog/animal faeces, harmful chemicals, rodents (living or deceased). To ensure your bin is cleaned regularly without refusal for the above reason, please take extra care when disposing of the above or similar items. This would include properly bagging such items or otherwise disposing of them

By paying the £30.00 initial payment you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the above conditions.


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