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Domestic Bin Cleaning

Wheelie Bins are a modern and convenient method of disposing of all our household waste. However, they can harbour many unseen health hazards. Monthly cleaning can help eliminate bacteria such as E-Coli and Salmonella and discourage rodents, flies and maggots.

The service costs only £5.00 a month (minimum 6 month contract) and our experienced and friendly staff will attend your property and clean your wheelie bin within the purpose built ProClean system developed here at Wheelie Wash. Once cleaned, your bin will be wiped out and sprayed with a disinfectant to help keep it smelling fresh. We will then return your bin to your house and call for payment. If you're not in, not to worry, we'll simply leave an invoice letting you know what your account stands at and how to pay.

Payment has never been easier. You can now pay at your door, send a cheque in the post, online via BACS, by card over the phone, or right here on the website under the 'PAY NOW' tab.

If you wish to book this service, click the 'BOOK NOW' at the top of this page, or call 01484 644330.



We attend your property and wash your bin in our specially designed ProClean System to minimise waste and mess.

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